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APD, also referred to as central auditory processing disorder (CAPD), is diagnosed by Liz Zeitlin, M.A., audiologist with specialized training in the evaluation of central auditory function. Goals for each individual are accomplished by diagnosis coupled with a treatment/therapy regime targeted to remediate the identified auditory processing deficits. A battery of normed tests is essential to assess the six areas of potential processing deficits, yielding a profile that outlines auditory strengths and weaknesses. The backbone for my recommendations, accommodations, and remediation is the identification of specific deficit areas.

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  • Contact Number: (425) 392-1161
  • Hours: By Appointment
  • Location: 49 Front Street North, Issaquah, WA. 98027

I am located in downtown Issaquah close to the intersection of Front and Sunset, next to the Public Library.

Making Connections

Because it is vitally important to gather information about a child’s abilities across a wide variety of functional domains, a team approach is used to assess auditory processing abilities. The collection and assessment of medical history, developmental milestones, and observations from both home and the classroom setting allows me to ascertain cognitive skills, receptive and expressive speech and language abilities, as well as listening and learning behavior. Information from a child’s speech/language pathologist and psychologist are integral to the APD evaluation.